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What is the role of chips in circuit boards?

2019-07-18 16:14:11

  Circuit boards are becoming more and more important in today's electronic products, which are the lifeblood of electronic products. They are one of the indispensable important components. We all know that the circuit boards that can really promote the normal operation of electronic components are that their wiring connects various components, because the connection of the components can make the circuit boards play a positive role. Often effect, then what effect do they have? Today let's introduce the effect of the chip.

  We all know that chips belong to the central originals in circuit boards, and the status of a circuit board is decided by the chip; in circuit boards, according to the different directions of the line arrangement, chips can be divided into North Bridge Chip and South Bridge Chip, which correspond to different directions and effects; North Bridge Chip is generally supplied to the CPU class. Type and main frequency, memory type and maximum capacity, ISA/PCI/AGP slot, ECC error correction and other support, usually near the CPU slot on the motherboard, because the heat of such chips is generally high, so there are heat sinks on this chip.


  Nanqiao chips are mainly used to connect with I/O devices and ISA devices, and act as management interrupt and DMA channels to make the equipment work smoother. They provide support for KBC (keyboard controller), RTC (real-time clock controller), USB (universal serial bus), Ultra? DMA/33 (66) EIDE data transmission mode and ACPI (high-grade energy management), etc. Close to the PCI slot

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