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How to Implement Material Flow Management in PCB Plant

2019-07-18 16:24:19

Circuit Board Manufacturer Material activity management plays a key role in order delivery time when PCB manufacturers produce FPC flexible PCB products. Measuring the material activities of PCB plants from the customer's perspective, MTO order-based scenario is that PCB plants with high punctual delivery rate and short delivery time are excellent factories. Measuring material activities from the perspective of PCB factories, factories with high inventory turnover rate, high effective output and high resource power are good factories.

  Customers are measured by time (quasi-and short-haul), and PCB manufacturers are measured by the power of resources (funds). Material activities in PCB factories are characterized by conservation, activity, dependence and variability. FPC flexible circuit board orders determine the minimum processing time of a product from the input of materials to production and processing. Material activity management can improve the output rate of FPC products when a product passes the necessary process requirements. So we need to set up arrangements, methods and east-west centered on the activity management of PCB factories.


  1.Establishment of dispatching system with PMC as command center

  Material supply: PMC, acquisition and warehousing system to ensure the supply of materials. Material operation: roughing, finishing, surface treatment and assembly of materials. Work guarantee: IE (product and process optimization), QC (quality management), equipment management (equipment, tooling and die management), to ensure the product, process, equipment, product quality and stability team, to ensure that changes remain in a stable range.

  2. Managing the Activity of Plant Materials by Scientific Method

  In strict accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality control method, it is introduced into the quality management system of PCB factories to ensure that good activity is maintained under the link of controllable variability.

  3. Assist management with scientific things

  It is necessary to have good things and scientific methods to manage PCB factories well. In the information age, it is necessary to use good information things to assist PCB factories in their management.

The article originated from Jiangmen single-sided and double-sided circuit boards.