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What's the black thing on the circuit board?

2019-07-18 15:35:27

  PCB Jiangmen single-sided and double-sided circuit board has a black thing on it. Do you know what it is?

  1. What is COB Soft Packaging

  Careful netizens may find that there will be a black stuff on some circuit boards, so what is this stuff? Why does it work on PCB circuit boards? In fact, it is a kind of package. We often call it "soft package". We say that its soft package is actually about "hard". Its composition information is epoxy resin. We usually see that the reception surface is also this kind of information. Its inside is chip IC, this kind of information. The craft is called "Bangding", and we also call it "Binding" at ordinary times.


This is a kind of wiring technology in the process of chip production. Its English name is COB (Chip On Board), which is on-board chip packaging. This is one of the skills of bare chip mounting. The chip is mounted on PCB printed circuit board with epoxy resin. Then why do some PCB boards not have this kind of packaging? This kind of packaging includes What are the characteristics?



  2. COB Soft Packaging Features

        This soft packaging skill is actually for cost. As the simplest bare chip mounting, in order to protect the internal IC from damage, this kind of packaging generally requires one-time forming, usually placed on the copper foil surface of the circuit board, with circular shape and black color. This packaging skill has low cost and space saving. Many integrated circuits, especially low-cost circuits, use this method only to lead out multiple metal wires on integrated circuit chips, then hand them over to the manufacturer to place the chips on the circuit board, weld them well with machines, and then solidify and harden them with glue.

  3. Use occasion

  This kind of package has its own unique characteristics, so it is also used in some electronic circuit circuits, such as MP3 player, electronic organ, digital camera, game console, and other low-cost circuits.

  In fact, COB soft packaging is not only limited to chips, but also widely used in the field of LED, such as COB light source, which is an integrated surface light source technology that is directly attached to the mirror metal substrate on the LED chip.

  The article originated from Jiangmen single-sided and double-sided circuit boards.