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Do you know what a circuit board SMT patch is?

2019-07-18 17:09:08

As we all know, PCB circuit boards need to be patched and plug-in before they can be assembled. Today, we are going to talk about PCB circuit board patches.

  So what is PCB patch?

  SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology, which is one of the most popular skills and processes in the electronic assembly profession. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is called appearance mounting or appearance mounting skill. It is a kind of circuit assembling and assembling skill that installs pinless or short lead external assembling components (SMC/SMD) on the surface of printed circuit board (PCB) or other substrates and solders them by reflow soldering or dip soldering.


  SMT basic process elements: solder paste printing - > parts mounting - > reflow welding - > AOI optical inspection - > Maintenance - > splitting board.

  Under normal circumstances, the electronic products we use are all designed by PCB plus various capacitors, resistors and other electronic components according to the designed circuit diagram, so a variety of electrical appliances need a variety of different SMT chip processing technology to process.

The article originated from Jiangmen single-sided and double-sided circuit boards.