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Four matters needing attention in choosing PCB manufacturer

2019-07-18 17:38:44

  When choosing PCB manufacturers, the price of PCB manufactured by professional manufacturers will be more affordable, and the quality assurance will be stronger, which will be more guaranteed after sales. Therefore, the enterprises that can select PCB batch production services are obviously less risky. Here is a brief introduction for you. Introduce some matters needing attention in selecting PCB manufacturers.

  Four points for attention in selecting PCB manufacturers:

  First, pay attention to the scale of technological ability

  When choosing PCB manufacturing companies, we should try our best to select enterprises with wide process scale and strong process capability, so as to prevent the process involved from exceeding the capacity scale of manufacturing companies and affecting the due date, so we should first refer to specific process requirements when choosing manufacturing companies to prevent the electrical function from being affected due to insufficient process.

  Second, pay attention to whether the manufacturing equipment meets the demand.


  Because of the different types of circuit boards, there are great differences in manufacturing requirements and equipment levels used. When choosing PCB manufacturer, we need to contact the sample manufacturer to select the suitable manufacturer, and try our best to select the promised PCB manufacturer. We also need the manufacturer to have high-grade equipment, high technology content, high automation level equipment to manufacture PCB with high precision and quality.

  Third, pay attention to whether there is a clause of jigsaw and fork

  Because of the particularity of PCB manufacturing and production, there is a risk of single scrap of boards that need to be assembled and shipped. Generally, manufacturing companies allow customers to accept the clause of splicing and forking. If they do not bear the clause, they will usually charge the manufacturer an additional fee. Therefore, the need to choose whether to withstand plate fork or not according to their own situation.

  Fourth, pay attention to the quality assurance of the company's products (such as flying needle test before leaving the factory)

  When choosing PCB companies, it is necessary to determine whether they have a quality supervision system, such as whether the products pass the flying needle test before shipment, to prevent the quality problems from affecting the later use of PCB and causing safety problems. Trusted PCB manufacturers should be selected.

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