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Causes of Frequent Burn-out of Electromagnetic Heating Control Circuit Board

2019-07-18 17:24:25

Nowadays, there are many enterprises in the market that they often burn out the control circuit boards after they choose the electromagnetic heating controller for transformation. This problem makes them have a headache. It also makes the enterprises who want to carry out the transformation hesitate, and even questions the new energy-saving skills.

  The reason for the above situation is that the concept of electromagnetic heating energy-saving skills has aroused many professionals'hobbies and is also welcomed by enterprises. There are many manufacturers and agents who want to engage in or intend to intervene in this profession. They do not have the technical strength. They directly choose the civil electromagnetic furnace control board and apply it to industrial plastic machines. Use, and even some original manufacturers of induction cookers directly use the original core of the induction cooker intact.


  Of course, there is no problem with the circuit board of the induction cooker itself. If it is used to make the induction cooker, it will be very stable, will not burn out, and can have a certain service life. But the use of plastic machinery is not possible, because the use of plastic machinery and induction cooker environment has a foundation difference, the use of plastic machinery environment is more complex than household appliances, industrial environment exists grid voltage instability, a variety of harmonic disturbances between machines, etc., will form circuit boards very impatient. Used, often burnt out. In fact, the real working time of household induction cooker is only 2-3 hours a day, while the working time of plastic machinery is 20 hours a day, and the working time of some enterprise equipment is longer. Therefore, industrial electromagnetic heating is essentially different from induction cooker. No matter the circuit maintenance schemes in circuit board planning and the selection of electronic components are different, from the point of view of electronic components, industrial electromagnetic heater must choose the level above industrial level, otherwise, industrial electromagnetic heater must choose the level above industrial level. It is inevitable to burn out the controller frequently.

The article originated from Jiangmen single-sided and double-sided circuit boards.