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What is the role of recycling circuit boards and electronic materials?

2019-07-18 17:34:28

  What's the effect of recycling electronic materials and PCBs? What we do now is profitable, including recycling electronic materials. Recycling electronic materials requires not only cost but also resources. Now most of the recycled PCBs are dismantled, and then the electronic materials on PCBs are recycled and used. It was suggested that there were precious metals on the circuit board, but the minor editions were not the same, because there were real ones. Some circuit boards contain precious metals such as gold and silver. Detailed recovery of electronic material what effect, the following PCB manufacturers to understand in detail.

  Recovery effect of electronic material:

  There are many kinds of electronic materials. Let's explain capacitance, resistance and crystal oscillation in detail below.

  Capacitance. It is a device containing charge. English name: capacitor. Capacitors are one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic devices. They are widely used in the fields of isolated direct traffic, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning circuit, energy conversion, control and so on. Capacitor recycling is of great value, and its life is very long. Now the price of capacitor is not too expensive. But we all know that if there is no specific capacitor in electronic products, the rescue will lead to a series of problems, and the use of value is wide.


  Resistance. It is a current limiting element. When the resistance is connected to the circuit, the resistance value of the resistor is fixed, usually two pins. It can limit the current passing through the branch connected to it. Fixed resistors are those whose resistance values cannot be changed. Variable resistance is called potentiometer or variable resistor. Resistance, like capacitance, is an indispensable part of electronic products. In fact, there is another intention to recover capacitance and capacitance, that is, precious metals can be decomposed from the connecting points of capacitance and resistance through special treatment to benefit from them.

  Crystal oscillator. Crystal oscillator is a kind of crystal oscillator, which cuts thin slices from a quartz crystal according to certain azimuth angle (for short, wafer), quartz crystal resonator (for short, quartz crystal or crystal, crystal oscillator); and the crystal element which adds IC to make up oscillating circuit in the package is called crystal oscillator. Its products are generally encapsulated in metal enclosures, but also in glass, ceramic or plastic encapsulations. It may not be relevant for people who are not engaged in the electronic profession, but people who are engaged in the electronic profession have great value in recovery and application.

  Circuit board recovery effect:

  Summing up the effect of PCB recovery, we can see that there may be hundreds of capacitors and resistors on a PCB. We can imagine what profits can be made from PCB recovery. There are many kinds of PCB, but the PCB is not the most useful one for recovery. It is an electronic component on the circuit board connector.

  The article originated from Jiangmen single-sided and double-sided circuit boards.