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How much profit can we get from recycling a ton of scrap PCBs?

2019-07-18 17:36:36

How much is the profit from disposing of a ton of scrap PCB by PCB recycling equipment? This should take full account of the metal content of the waste PCB treated. Green Jie environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment is useful for processing all kinds of waste circuit boards, computer boards, television boards, copper clad boards, printed circuit boards can be processed. Waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) are complex in type and varied in variety. The contents of various components and materials that make up PCBs vary greatly.


  Circuit boards usually contain 30% plastics, 30% lazy oxides and 40% metals. The main direction of recovery and utilization of waste circuit boards is metal recovery. The metal contains about 20% copper, 8% iron, 2% nickel, 4% tin, 2% zinc and other common metals and about 0.1% gold, 0.2% silver, 0.005% palladium and other precious metals. Heavy metals. The recovery price of scrap PCB varies from 2000 to 18000 yuan according to the structure.

  PCB recycling equipment can recover the metal and scrap metal inside, which can be sold to make money. Among them, copper price is 38,000 yuan per ton, iron price is 1,000 yuan per ton, and scrap metal glass fiber and resin powder can also be sold, used as additives and filling materials, and so on, making considerable profits. To sum up, the profit of recycling and processing one ton of waste PCB is at least 1000 yuan.

The article originated from Jiangmen single-sided and double-sided circuit boards.